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Shenyang Fushun City, Liaoning Province, Shenyang - Fushun New Urban Construction, the Largest Robot Industry Base in China

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Recently, the Shenyang - Fushun New Town in Liaoning Province held a press conference on the robot industry base of the Shenyang - Fushun New Town in China, opening the curtain on the industrial upgrading of the Shenyang - Fushun New Town.

Since it was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a national high-tech industrialization base in 2010, Fushun Shenfu New Town's equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. By the end of 2012, the number of industrial enterprises above designated size in Shenyang - Fushun New Town reached 231, and the total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 57.4 billion yuan, 10.7 times that of 2007, with an average annual increase of 61%. In the same year, Shenyang - Fushun New Town was approved as a new industrial demonstration base in Liaoning Province. As the equipment manufacturing base becomes bigger and stronger, the robot industry projects in Shenfu New Town have also gradually developed. These projects have promoted the industrial level of Shenfu New Town and led the industrial development of Shenfu New Town to a new level.

The main leaders of Liaoning province and Fushun city saw the potential of developing robot industry in shenfu new town and proposed to develop robot industry in shenfu new town. shenfu new town started the " third industrial revolution". Provincial and municipal leaders went to Hong Kong to invite investment and brought back the information that the robot industry projects were highly sought after by merchants. They also made Shen Fu Xincheng realize that the industrial robot industry has entered a period of steady development. If it can enter the market earlier, it can seize the first opportunity and win greater development.

At present, robots are gradually replacing the traditional labor force in the domestic manufacturing industry, especially in the fields of automobile manufacturing, assembly, printing, welding, mining, underwater rescue and so on, which has set off an upsurge in developing the robot industry. Robots are the top field of intelligent equipment. Robots and intelligent equipment are the highest embodiment of industrial automation level, are the key to upgrading the equipment manufacturing industry, and are also praised by experts as China's third industrial revolution. Robots and complete sets of automation equipment play an important role in improving product quality and production efficiency, improving labor conditions and reducing costs, which will bring great business opportunities to the research and product development of robot automation production. Shen Fu Xincheng is making every effort to build a robot industrial base. It is precisely by seizing the opportunity of industrial structure adjustment and making full use of the basic advantages of Shenyang and Fushun equipment manufacturing industries to develop and utilize robot and intelligent equipment technologies, optimize the industrial structure and enhance the function of industrial technology agglomeration. Through this upgrade, a new leap in equipment manufacturing industry is realized.

At the end of March 2012, when the principal leaders of Liaoning Province visited Fushun for research, they proposed that Shenfu New Town should develop robot-related industries. After that, they put forward clear requirements for the development of robot industry in Shenfu New Town. According to the directive spirit of provincial and municipal leaders and the actual needs of the industrial development of Shenfu New Town, the Shenfu New Town Administrative Committee quickly organized manpower to conduct research and demonstration, put forward basic planning, actively carried out preliminary research and related investment promotion, and established a special robot investment promotion agency to start the work of building China Fushun Shenfu New Town Robot Industrial Base in an all-round way.

Since the strategy of Shen - fu city integration was put forward in 2007, the industrialization and urbanization of Shen - fu new town have been advancing simultaneously, and the regional changes are changing with each passing day. According to the spatial layout of the industrial zone, core zone, eco-tourism zone and Hunhe landscape zone, the industrial zone has a planned area of 50 square kilometers and focuses on the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry. After several years of development, Shen Fu Xincheng's equipment manufacturing industry has formed a solid industrial foundation and a good development trend.

The proportion of enterprise products or technologies that already have the conditions to realize the industrialization of intelligent equipment is constantly increasing. At present, there are 31 enterprises with intelligent equipment and upgradeable intelligent equipment, with a total investment of 16.77 billion yuan and an area of 328.7 hectares. Among them, 26 enterprises have been put into production, covering 223.8 hectares, with a total investment of 11.56 billion yuan. In 2012, the total industrial output value has reached 6.4 billion yuan. It mainly includes domestic high-end intelligent enterprises in the same industry such as Liaoning grey automation equipment co., ltd. automation packaging equipment project in the logistics field. The total investment exceeds 20 billion yuan and the total land use exceeds 4,000 mu.

At present, Shenfu New Town has planned 5 square kilometers in its industrial area as the construction land for the robot industrial base of Shenfu New Town. The industrial orientation is to focus on developing the robot and intelligent equipment industry. The focus is on the introduction of industrial robots, key basic components and general components manufacturing enterprises, including: hydraulic components, bearings, gears, sensors and other manufacturing enterprises matching with the main engine. There are also production enterprises of intelligent instruments and control systems, high-grade numerical control machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, and intelligent specialized equipment, including automatic production lines, intelligent engineering machinery, intelligent metallurgical equipment, intelligent printing equipment, intelligent environmental protection equipment, intelligent textile equipment, intelligent agricultural production equipment, intelligent coal adjudication equipment, intelligent mining machinery, intelligent logistics equipment and other production enterprises.

It is estimated that by the end of 2017, Shenfu Xincheng will have completed the overall planning and construction of 5 square kilometers, initially forming a robot industry base with backbone enterprises as the core, introducing a number of high-level national robot research institutes and enterprise technology centers, driving the technological innovation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing enterprises in Shenfu Xincheng, cultivating 50 robot enterprises with an output value of over 100 million yuan, and realizing an annual output value of 50 billion yuan in the robot industry. By speeding up the transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises, introducing influential enterprises and cultivating start-up robot enterprises, the agglomeration of the robot industry, the extension of the industrial chain and the enhancement of the richness of the industry will be realized. We will strive to make Shenfu New Town a key gathering area for research and development and production of domestic robot industry technology in 5 years, and build it into the largest domestic and internationally influential robot industry base by 2030.

Building a robot industry base in Shenfu New Town, Fushun, China is a huge system project. We should plan scientifically and organize carefully at a higher level. Drawing lessons from the practices and experiences of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou and Chongqing in developing intelligent industries, Shen Fu Xincheng is starting to set up an expert advisory group and a special organization to form a management committee for the robot industry base in Shen Fu Xincheng.

In terms of upgrading existing equipment manufacturing enterprises, Shen Fu Xincheng encourages enterprises in the cluster, enterprises under construction and investment inviting enterprises to carry out " top - level design" aiming at the high-end targets of the industry, increase investment in research and development of key technologies in the industry, and carry out joint research. By integrating existing resources and technical strength, Shen Fu Xincheng guides enterprises to establish engineering technology research centers and key laboratories in the robot field, so as to improve the original innovation, integrated innovation and the ability to introduce, digest, absorb and re - innovate.

In terms of cultivating start-up robot enterprises, Shen Fu Xincheng incubates scientific and technological achievements of the robot industry through the government public service platform, gradually establishes and improves public service functions such as shared research and development design, common processing, common inspection and testing, and shared quality and technical standard system within the industrial cluster to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the robot industry.

For the newly introduced robot project, Shen Fu Xincheng's equipment manufacturing base will be given preferential policies at the initial stage of construction. Give priority to supporting robot enterprises to apply to the national development and reform Commission, the economic and trade Commission, and the small and medium-sized enterprises bureau for science and technology project support funds; Relying on the research and development center of shenfu new town and Pacific industrial city, build a robot industry incubator to provide scientific research and office space for the introduction of domestic and foreign robot technology resources, intellectual resources and enterprise resources, and give certain tax and rent concessions. The establishment of robot enterprise guidance funds and venture capital funds to guide, support and reward scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, regional application of products, and cooperation between industry and university. We will formulate a sound talent introduction policy, vigorously introduce overseas talents and innovative teams, establish a robot expert database, and give special awards to high-tech talents of a certain level.

Fushun Municipal Government attaches great importance to the development of robot and intelligent equipment industry in Shenfu New Town, and has listed robot and intelligent equipment as a strategic industry for priority development. Therefore, Shenfu Xincheng will seize the opportunity and adhere to the principles of large company entry, large project drive and high-tech support. It will strive to attract leading domestic and foreign enterprises to settle down and drive more enterprises in the same industry to gather so that the robot industry base in Shenfu Xincheng, Fushun, China will become large and up-to-date as soon as possible and form a complete industrial chain

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