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Green: Seize the High - end Market of Intelligent Packaging

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On March 15, the reporter walked into Liaoning green automation equipment co., ltd, under the guidance of general manager Zhang ruoxi, to understand the story behind the packaging machine manufacturer.

In a spacious factory building, samples of packaging machines for different purposes are displayed. Zhang Ruoxi introduced that every device here has " unique skills". Next to a small packaging machine, a box of corn starch was packed neatly. Zhang Ruoxi told reporters that such packaging machines are indispensable equipment for some fine powder production and processing enterprises. In the past, some fine powder production and processing enterprises produced dust in the process of production and processing, which not only pollutes the environment, but also harms the health of workers. This powder packaging machine can directly pack the products, which not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also protects the health of workers and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

The first full-automatic packaging production line for soft sugar in China on display here is a collection of many patents and know-how in feeding technology, weighing technology and bag-making technology, which is unique in sugar processing and packaging production in China. Greg's products are not only used here, but also widely used in food, chemical, non-ferrous metals and other industries. They are used for post - packaging, testing, palletizing, loading, storage and so on, and can realize unmanned and intelligent processing and monitoring. At present, Greg's users are spread all over many industries such as food, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine and so on, and his products are sold to many provinces such as Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan and so on.

Greg was founded in 1996. After several tests in the market, he has maintained a rising trend. From the production of semi-automatic small and medium-sized packaging machines to the production of large tonnage bags full-automatic packaging machines, has been on the steps. Greg has a professional research team and independently develops two to three new projects every year.

Entering Greg's production workshop, equipment with a total price of about 40 million yuan tailored for a grain processing enterprise affiliated to a Xinjiang production and construction corps has been rolled off the production line one after another. Most of the equipment is sent to Xinjiang, while a small part is being packed and waiting for outward transportation. The workers in the workshop are rushing to work on the next contract. The workers were busy at their respective posts, and the machine tool sound and the loading and unloading sound became one. Next to a machine tool, 60 - year - old Li Shengli was busy processing a 1.5 - meter long conveyor barrel. He carefully compared the drawings and carefully operated according to the specifications on the drawings. Li Shengli told reporters that he had worked in Greg for 4 years and deeply felt the rigour of the enterprise in terms of product quality and technology. " Take the parts I am working on, for example, from rough machining to finish machining, it takes six or seven hours." Li Shengli said that details determine success or failure. Each part is almost the same, and the whole machine may be much worse when assembled. Therefore, he should try to control the error in the processing process to a minimum.

In recent days, Greg has been busy preparing two things: to cooperate with the largest corn deep processing production base in China and provide it with packaging machines that can complete the tasks of post - packaging, inspection, palletizing, etc. Move to the robot industry base in Shenfu New Town to realize further development with the advantage of geographical location. Zhang Ruoxi said he was full of confidence in the company's future prospects.